Litigation History

Litigation in federal and state courts across the United States, including in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, New York, Massachusetts, Delaware, New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Kansas, Texas, Nevada, Puerto Rico, and California;

Trade secret misappropriation claims, patent litigation claims, false advertising claims, and business tort claims between Fortune 500 companies involving tens of millions of dollars;

Numerous breach of fiduciary duty claims by “squeezed-out” partners, members, and shareholders;

Numerous copyright infringement, patent litigation, and trademark litigation involving multi-million dollar high-tech companies;

Non-compete litigation involving “bet the company” issues;

$10,000,000.00 claim by descendants of a Trust who had been excluded due to their adoption;

Multi-million dollar defalcations by trustees and executors of a will;

Personal injury and insurance litigation matters;

Product liability claims in pharmaceutical, technology, and dangerous products area;

Multi-million dollar “sweat equity” cases;

Numerous product liability and construction defects litigations;

Numerous employment discrimination, FLSA, and ERISA claims totaling millions of dollars of recovery or defense of such claims;

Professional malpractice claims involving millions of dollars in settlements;

Securities fraud and other fraud claims leading to significant settlements and judgments;

Breaches of fiduciary duty claims by fiduciaries leading to millions of dollars in client recoveries

These are merely an example of past handled matters. Your results may differ depending on the facts of your case, and they are not a guarantee of similar results or recoveries.